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the to-and-fro sound disappears. This superficial to-a7id~fro sound is

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the eyes, swelling of the eyelids, with copious secretion of watery fluids

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dition. These, too, are stimulants applied with caution, and of

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538. In disease, the tongue presents a great variety of appearances.

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and regular hours for meals and rest, should be particularly enforced.

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II., in which the most permanent benefit resulted from the acid, so that

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Prognosis. — Favourable. The disease is unattended with danger.

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cirrhosed condition of the liver has been induced by the free use of ardent

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pig, in which these lobules were first noticed, and in the Polar bear

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chemical change, it is but reasonable to suppose that a marbd

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east of France ; Rome and Pisa in Italy ; Malaga in the south of

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yzed the histories of 58 patients in the Jena Policlinic who showed symptoms

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earth from the sun is a fixed quantity, it is nevertheless true that,

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because we are disinclined to pursue a subject so imperfectly ioTes-

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the reason and will were uninfluenced; in others there were some slowness

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the fatty degeneration of the heart, are found in frequent combination

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of the neck swollen ; the A^oice, in speaking and coughing, acquires a

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was accompanied with severe pain in his head and bones.

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often relieve aifections of the head, chest, abdomen, and uterus, and,

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ports an example of this affection from the clinic of Professor Fuchs, in

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* In the earlier editions of this work, Cullen's Nosology was followed ; in

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inunctions of blue ointment 0.5 to 1 gramme daily, and exceptionally, where

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cutting of the teeth. Pressure, however, is not borne when true

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remedies most in use are, moderate depletion by leeches or cupping,

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bone, about two and one-half by two inches, cut out with chisel and

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not confined to the liver; for I have found it in considerable abund-

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the disease " abruptly arrested in this way." (Libr. Pr. Med., vol. x.)

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* Galen, before he attempted the Diffeftion of the Skin,

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693. (e) The state of the aortic valves has a very marked effect upon

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mode in which the cerebral and spinal nerves, and the nerves of the abdominal

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morbid phenomena are consequently produced, and finding no structural or local

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