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(The diplopia producing prisms always placed before O. S.)

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Abdomirval Cavity. — The mucous membrane of the stomach pre-

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throat : from Roseola, by the catarrhal symptoms, by the darker hue

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dom, the soil, and upon the great circulation of matter, kept up by

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Detroit. This region was first settled about the year 1835, by

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explained by the discoveiy of some cause of irritation, as a tumour or

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were several spots on the face and ears. 4. Extreme general sensitive-

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" In 1843, Joule showed that the heat evolved by magneto-electricity is propor-

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ness, be useless for the purpose of navigation, but it also diffuses the saline

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C. Calhoun, Secretary of War, of a system of regulations for the

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the bowels must be carefully attended to. For the improvement of

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has been invented by Dr. Richard Quain, It consists of a string passing

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system. Hence we may have chemical and physical changes of

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of the suiTounding textures upon them. It is accordingly most

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that medicine owes much of the uncertainty and imperfection with

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any more than a watch will run or any machine accomplish

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The relative affinity of proteids for acids in various stages, particu-

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of both, we may relieve the intestines by enemata, consisting of warm

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too, are pressed up into the affected side, whilst the lung of the sound

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volume for the year in which it shall be presented to the Assodi-

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must bear this fact in mind. If, in the early stage, the disease appears

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themselves, and at the same time, totally different from the dis-

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and in a case of typhus fever, occurring in a boy ten years of age, and

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author's illustration of the method by which katalytic action may occur,

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Having no hope of producing a system of classification which


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