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upon the wall of the innermost chamber, although covered with
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and of females to asthenic and nervous disorders. These considerations
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for its complete development. It is rare in this climate, and is associated with
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he should resume, only with the greatest care, the use of starches, then fruits
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and irregular forms. I have found this alteration of the spleen in
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cases of puerperal sepsis. This membrane, however, when subjected to
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that in the axilla had remained stationary. The respiration in bed
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the pains in the muscles of the chest or abdomen. The irritation
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Specific Oravity of the Blood and Serum, — The specific gravities of
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be inserted obliquely downwards under the skin, so as to di'aw a
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record of our thermometrograph, the variation between the maxi-
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of diverse cardiac disease in the stage of imperfect systole in which the pulse
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doses ; and the antidotes to the principal poisons.
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Synonyms. — Pei-ipneumonia. Pulmonitis. Pneumonitis.
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that the clinical picture presents differences from the forms of purpura
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Resolved^ That J. B. Flint, with such associates as he may select,
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repose ; and a strictly regulated diet. Issues and setons over the
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much from the analysis of substances rejected from the stomach, or
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hybrid, its paternity being traceable to malaria on one side, and
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prognosis. The disease is rarely fatal, and sometimes disappears in
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system, if possible. It is extremely difficult, however, to produce
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slight, transient, and intermittent, like all other nervous disorders ;
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body, and can determine the relations and changes of the animal
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known facts, and their own structure, they must obtain the truth.
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is diminished. Such are the cold sweats, which precede dissolution.
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ease. But these diagnostic marks will not serve to distinguish the
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found a clump of the bacilli within an affected spot.
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The liver of a stout American seaman, who had died from a


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