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observation of the most general phenomena presented by the con-

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food. This is especially the case during fever and inflammation, when,

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through the portal circulation, into the albumen of the blood.

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there is palpitation of the heart, sometimes so great as to be both

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pathological relations of the malarial poison to the nervous ele-

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spica bandage, and the patient told to report in two or three days for

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but should resign the patient to the practitioner first engaged.

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matter ; the liver darkly congested and shows characteristic psorosperm

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shall be appointed, to be called the Committee on Prize Essays,

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Synochus. — A contagious disease. The fever compounded of

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4. A murmur with the first sound, loudest at / is from tricuspid

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of short duration. The more severe and prolonged foiTos of fever are

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bution to medical science by an American physician.

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attended with the best effects. In the absence of these simple precau-

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In 1808, Oken'* affirmed that "light could be nothing but a polar

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remained 2 cm. asunder. To remedy this defect, the old incision was re-

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moderately-strong solution of caustic potash, and exposing the solution

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§ 5. The utmost punctuality should be observed in the visits of

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infantile death-rate of 29 T y tT per cent. He calls attention to the fact that

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quickness, regularity, and degree of equality of the heart's contrac-

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of lying down. At length, a fit more violent than usual puts an end

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tem, which returned every seven, nine, eleven, or fifteen days, and

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typhoid patients do better by keeping the bowels acting up to a certain point,

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other instructive facts furnished by our Army Statistics, the late Br.

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5. The best method of conservative treatment is that which allows the

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662. In disease, extraordinary low frequencies of the pulse have

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Croton oil in combination with the compound extract of colocynth and


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