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vinegar and water; or injections, consisting of equal parts of the

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healthy state, or becomes the seat of the chronic form of the disease.

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Prognosis. — Most unfavourable ; more so when the disease has

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and the part is said to have healed by the first intention. But the

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heart obscure, when there is little or no dilatation ; louder, more

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close attention to the future health of the patient.

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The atmosphere, like all gases, is capable of indefinite expansion under a

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racterizing fatty degeneration with atrophy of the muscular structure,

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grenous and sloughed. At our meeting this year — May, 1895 — Dr.

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there are pyretogenous substances in the urine. He was further able to

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is proportional to the rapidity of the changes of its elements, and,

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treatment that which is recommended under that head. (See Plethora,

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nature and causes of this peculiar arrangement of the different parts of

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areas of dense connective tissue. These were, as a rule, sharply defined,

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to each other and to the cerebro-spinal system, has been disturbed

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livid spots appeared upon the surface, as in the lowest grades of

ti'essing eructation and vomiting, hiccough, subsultus tendinum, facies

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on percussion, and there is slight mucous r^le ; at other times there is

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August 8th. Color, normal ; specific gravity, 1011 ; sediment, much;

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swollen. He had no colic. There was no albumin in the urine.

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that event may happen at any age from eight years to twenty-five.

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depletion by leeches, cupping, or scarification ; division of the part ;

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The dressing included the abdominal region, the perineum, and the thighs.

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nervous power is the natural stimulus of all those which are sub-

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sleep producer in these cases, given in doses of two and a half to five grains every two to

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there is often a copious and frequent evacuation of urine, when the

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syrup, which is mixed intimately with starch, pulverized, and dried

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(3.) The ganglionic, or the nutrient, secretory, &c., of which the

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III. When the cause of the obstruction is still doubtful, trial may

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serous membranes ; serous eifusions, as ascites, hydrothorax, anasarca,

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females. Aggravated nervous symptoms (see Mimosis Inquieta,

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■ ■ .^H-H-aA »«nT-«<-.->~nR ■ - ■-.-•

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reflect that light passes over 191,515 English miles in one second.

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albumen, fibrin, and the salts usually found in the blood, with a colour-

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supervened. Again, in all those cases in which the indications for the


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