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of this nerve itself), paralysis of the muscles of the tongue, affections
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marily upon the cerebro-spinal system and sympathetic system
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places, Pau in the south-west, and Hyeres and Nice in the south-
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generally experience satisfaction from taking medicine. Change of air
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Cases of this kind are clearly due to nuclear disease. Autopsies have shown
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living body ; they are also the most efficient cause of restoration from
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connection between the proportion of lime salts in the urine and those in the
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imderstood to be intended chiefly for winter residence, the summer
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232. The motion of the blood in the capillaries is chiefly dependent
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minute may be set down at 70 for an adult male, and 80 for an aduU
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and organs and apparatuses undergo, under the action of morUSe
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it is small; in the phlegmatic, and in the melancholic, it is more
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Showing the Ages and Condition of Persons Married during the Year 18
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the pubes, and turned upon its axis, and inserted between the cut ends of
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that this remedy makes an impression npon the solar plexus of an opposite nature
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stated. Removal of the tumor without delay is the only proper course to
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bouillon injected into one of the larger mesenteric veins ; May 14th,
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temperature rose to 102.6° F. After this the temperature was subnor-
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ing was very moderate, and the mortification confined to a point
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Symptoms. — The spitting of blood is often preceded by a sense of
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Gibney contributes to the New York Medical Journal, vol. lxi., No. 7, a
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the pubes, while the contractile power of the vagina tends to force the
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distressing cough, or other symptoms. There was no evident local
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TREATiiEXT. — Moderate pressure has been employed to excite the
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with a dry cough, or scanty expectoration, emetics are as useless as
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oxygen when exposed to light or heat, in the property of retaining the
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Drs. I. W. Blatohford, Troy, New York; D. F. Condib, Phila-
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ing intervals after the meal, for the purpose of studying the effects of ingested HC1 upon the
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^ tients, suffering under the consequences of vicious conduct, oaght
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several bloody movements, and there was a little blood in the vomitus.
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cially important, because it points out the relative position and
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bright-coloured blood, in considerable quantities, attended with little
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is generally accompanied by increased determination of blood. The


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