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his skin relaxed and was bathed in a copious perspiration. Intellect
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color. There is no regular circulation, the blood being shifted
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Tetanus is to be treated by antitoxin, and the belief is expressed that
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especially do show the injurious effects of partial draining and
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The other proximate organic principles, namely, gelatin, chondrin,
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brane of the intestines, and which is so distressing a symptom of the
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and 14.7 per cent, mortality. The other details are not of much interest in
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1 Since this was written I have encountered still another case — one of typical rheumatoid
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and 3, true secreting organs. These latter are of two kinds, the one
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examples: In the latter stages of inflammations, bleeding is noto-
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which disturbed him for a time, but subsided spontaneously. The ill-
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"Whilst, then, we establish, in certain forms of typhoid fever or
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congested with bloody and resembled in appearance liver ; and token
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. ance of chemical action, this disturbance of the physical forces,
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the intermission of tt may be so called, oontinuing ei^ or nine hours. Ihiring
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goitre. Exophthalmus was present in 28 cases. The cardinal symptoms of
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Wheneyer it is used, it should be borne in mind that it does not,
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imperfectly, that are crowded more or less thickly with leucocytes,
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see plate, Part I., p. 79. Fatty degeneration of the liver and Iddueys,
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For evidence of this Tery decided effect I would refer to the interesting and abl«


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