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aional efficiency in morbid sexual excitement is too strong to be rejected.

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tHSne. it has been recommended in certain painful affections sometimes

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parting the nervous centres under its prostrating influence. Indeed^

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the absence of which, therefore, in persons who thus use the tooth-brush

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kMB refaried m$ bisUr pt>c!teli)e: dot did tbe dbwroiy of bt>znftto<di: ts

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weeks, they also began to discharge coagulase-negative strains by

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ammonia, which deprives them of most of their colouring matter, leaving

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the length of the preceding period of hypothermia. Thereafter an

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the punishment not on his body, but on his mind. Keep him

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citing it so much as the latter. It is to be observed then,

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circumstance, the coarse sugar is more filling to the body

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listic ed'ects are those produced upon the brain. Bernard has shown that


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