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the escape of the gall-stones into the intestines, constipation or obsti-

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TREATiiEXT. — Moderate pressure has been employed to excite the

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breast. Twenty injections were given without giving rise to pain or general

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of syphilis, though in the tertiary period it will probably be found

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Prognosis. — Complete recovery is very rare, if. it ever occur.

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the splenic ; and as the vessels are under the influence of the nerves, it oannoi be

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these and all succeeding examinations to the present, which were made

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matter which the urine contains. This may be done by multiplying

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or shorter interval (sometimes of month? sometimes of years), by a

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perature of 40° Cent., for twelve hours, with occasional shaking.

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either at the very beginning of the disease— which is very rare —

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the strongest and most abrupt a species of cooing soimd. The ear or

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the minute examination of diseased structare is of recent introduc-

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lotion-dressing for twenty-four hours before operating, and the operation is

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perceived at 12h. 86m. A. M. The duration of the first shock was

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Dr. Caspar Wister, on behalf of the chairman of the Com-

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389. The application of stimuli, then, to the nerves of sensation

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lodged the liver, kidneys, generative apparatus, and greater portion

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excited in one organ transmitted to and reiterated in another.

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The exterior and mucous membrane of the jejunum presented

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manner in which they have conducted the business committed to

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for the dictates of judgment. But in the event of its occurrence, a

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employment, especially in uterine surgery. Hemorrhage and foul discharges

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be readily felt filling the pelvis and extending as high as the umbilicus.

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Geburtshulfe und Gynakologie, 1895, Band ii. Heft 3) the case of a patient in

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by a zone of encephalitis which so confuses the symptoms as to render a

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maladies of winter in that of fatal pneumonia and bronchitis among

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the body. So in the cachetic, old, and anaemic persons, hepatization is often

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teenths of an inch in diameter in these cases, taking several sittings, up to

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purgative, and that by calomel in large and repeated doses, with cold

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We have said that the autumnal fever of the past season has

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