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a deep orange-red ; reaction strongly acid ; after standing fifkea
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Urine, light straw colored ; becomes alkaline and throws down a
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the bacilli with remedies, either internal or external, so that it only
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upon a basis tolerably correct, is perhaps even more important
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clay and gravel forms the surface of the remaining portion of the
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PEOPOSmoN XXL The phenomena of congestive fever differ from
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bladder, and urethra, suffer intense pain, and are frequently destroyed
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oeeded by a cold clammy sweat, and a state of api^roaohing syncope. The second
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liver oil, and creosote begin to loom up as the only remaining means of
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frequently when the child is five or six months old ; more frequently
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moderately firai pressure, aided by the liberal injection of warm
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board-like hardness, with little juice on scraping. Hemorrhages were not
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sonorous inspiration has happened, the convulsive coughing is again
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406. Is not this condition due to some change in the state of the
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In concluding these " Observations on some of the Phenomena
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found to coexist with similar affections of other bones, and, in many
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ance and perfection of plants depend upon the intensity of the
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the invisible pores of these vessels, drops into the cell, crypt, or acinus,
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make a right selection of our diaphoretic. Thus, when the skin is hot
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the acrid urine. / have observed this effect of the urine upon the
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pupils. Thirty-six cases of cystitis are carefully studied. In twenty-
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As my health improved, I lost this power of creating images at will, and since
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and declare said Dunker to be unworthy of patronage or support
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459. The layer of liquor sanguinis on the surface of the clot occasions
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ature of atmosphere, 76^ F. ; temp, of hand, 97.75 ; temp, uiidff
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paired memory, muscular weakness, scanty secretions, calculous affec-
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jority — of the cases, are brought for digestive disturbances or their
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operations for prolapsus by Freund's method performed by Brunn, calls at-
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knowledge of the pathology of this condition, that capillary bronchitis
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great majority of cases occur in men after fifty years of age, but it
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