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almost always with the three classical stages — chills, fever, and sweating.

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quantity more than enough to satisfy the salts and albuminoids of the

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as compared with that of the pulse are readily explained, if we reflect

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although stating that the detection of elastic tissue is conclusive evi-

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waters contain minute quantities of iodine and bromine, and, for

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periosteum of the bone, inflammatory conditions at the surface produce hy-

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we herewith acknowledge the honor of having been appointed

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Diagnosis. — From croup, by the sudden accession and departure

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Connecticut had requested that an amendment to the Constitution,

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viscid mucus, afterwards of opaque, muco-purulent, or puralent matter.

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will not cure the chronic otorrhoea which has caused it. The otorrhoea

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almost large enough to be seen by the naked eye. The nature of

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violaceous tint, which after some hours gradually gave place to the normal

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Before we proceed to a description of the microscopic appearances we

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phosphate, or a mixture of this with amorphous phosphate of lime

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particulars made up of many variable elements, must be re-applied in

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destroy it, should it have happened, in the first instance ; and afterwaids rafia*

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form in the cervix, or, as disease of the corporeal endometrium. Primary

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Frequently infection with two groups of tertian organisms gives rise to quo-

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tracted in a malarious district, during repeated exposure to the

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situdes of the weather, and irregular in their habits.

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internally, especially if its application be sudden, in causing con-

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Memoirs, vol. v. p. 489. " On the Mechanical Equivalent of an Electric Discharge*

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Rtripped of flesh. The abscess compelled him to lie upon the

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417. The condition of the nervous system and that of other ftinc-

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The compound muciparous follicles (Brunner's glands) of the

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not being drawn tight. A dressing of idoform gauze, gauze roller, and


through the wall of the sac. To this excessive narrowing of the ureter the

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No organization or institution, entitled to representation in this

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From this deficiency or arrest of capillary circulation, there is

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and resiolts which are utterly impossible ; but the regular practitioner


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