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vein on that day; it discovered no deviation from that of other

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inflammation, this same enlargement of the small arteries occurs ; and

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influence of wholesome labour in the pure open air of the countiy, and

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must fall loosely at the sides ; if the lateral regions, they must be raised

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parts in disease. — The quantity of the clot depends upon the degree

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hand, it acts as a powerful sedative, allaying the irritation of the

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404. In speaking of the phenomena of inflammation (§ 334, et seq.)

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tion into the stomach till it is mingled, in the form of chyle, with the

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ment or rupture of the vessels of the scalp, in cases of death by hang-

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tion from viscid phlegm, &c. ; the moist to fluids of less consistence

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368. In addition to these important parts of the nervous system, there

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* On this occasion, although the stomach was cleansed by lavage before the roll breakfast, as

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the chemical actions by which the physical forces are generated?

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syphilis), then the whole matter may be more easily explained.

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phical Transactions for 1831 — 1852. These papers have been collected and piib«

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tution of the organs, tissues, and apparatus; secondly, upon the

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after secondary contraction, which follows this new infiltration of con-

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in those protracted cases of fever, in which a cachectic and gene-

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III. The thii-d indication is fulfilled by the use of sedatives, such

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professor of diseases of children in the woman's medical college ;

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heat of the sun, or to the night air, cold spongings or the shower-bath

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The onset of the attack may be with a chill, as in Case X. ; more fre-

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ing under a stream of cold water the trabecnlse, as usual in mala-

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It is to be hoped that it may be made more accessible to English readers


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