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cow, for other food in infants brought up by hand ; by fresh and pure
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2d. The earthquake of the 26th November, to which we have
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much furred, one or two teaspoonfuls of maltine may be given twice
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may occur in young people, and lead to great deformity, without much
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rarely of its substance. This congested state of the vessels of the brain
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tion. The small intestines contained large quantities of yellow
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1825, p. 189, et pour 1P34, p. 192 ; also Saigey, Pbysiqae da Globe, 1832, pp. 60—76.
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ceeded by a large abscess in the parts in which he felt the pain. That in the sa
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4. The failure of this mode of treatment to prevent a fatal termi-
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bination with a quarter of a gi-ain of opium in the form of pill
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organisms can be found in certain joint-diseases the author does not deny,
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II. The second form of febrile uraemia alluded to is that in which
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heart, it is often found associated. The various appearances presented
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be derived from the disintegrating blood-corpuscles.
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ing caution both in investigation and in the generalization of the
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departures from it, which, in a remarkable manner, affect the severity
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a glass of wine, to examine and count the pulse afresh. If it should
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primary, and atrophy of the gastric tubules, a relation which, as con-
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of counter-irritants, of which the tartar-emetic ointment or solution
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tube, the liquid in the tube passes through the bladder, and gradually
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clear. After the pelvis is sponged dry a long glass drainage-tube is passed to
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and in general bloodletting they are lost more rapidly than the
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fever at Fort Brady, hereafter reported under authority of Prof. Z.
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the water in innumerable serpentine oourses from the rivers into the
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During the winter he remained pale and had occasional attacks of
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muscles into play, promote the natural action of the bowels. Those
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prysmatic crystals of triple phosphate. The microsoope alao re-
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The pupils were about normal in size and somewhat sluggish in action ;
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Treatment. — When the disease is slight, and the symptoms are


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