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you go from West Wilton to Peterboro, over the Temple Moun-
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of infants under one year of age, and over one-fourth are of
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stant thirst and an excessive flow of urine, which, however, is free
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by malaria, since I have met with two such cases in a malarial district,
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or inebriate parents frequently transmit to their offspring a morbid im-
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of one or more of the joints, and pain are the usual symptoms. The
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all cases. In the absence of hemorrhage we may, however, infer the
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Edema of the brain, either local or general, may be the cause of grave
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The diagnosis of splenic pseudo-leukemia is to be made on the decided
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Wilcox, DeWitt G., M.D. Pus in the Kidneys .. . . ..
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valuable drugs are benzoic and boracic acid and salol. Benzoic acid is
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seem also to be due to the hypertrophy. An excessive secretion of
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careful corrective and sustaining treatment for a week or more. The
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gravitation and capillary attraction infect and destroy the alveolar
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which is caused, in the immense majority of cases, by paralysis of respira-
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able manner in a review that appeared in an early number of the Gazette.
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icians. On the other hand, unfavorable results in cases apparently well
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urine ; thus, in cases of valvular cardiac disease the sudden appearance
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reduction of the hemoglobin after the administration by inunction or
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diplegic reaction consists of the development of contractures in the op-
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there are limitations to human understanding, but those limita-
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to degenerate under nutritional disturbances or toxic processes than
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General Differential Diagnosis. — Numerous affections and conditions —
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surface being lighter in color than normal and mottled in appearance,


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