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As a general rule, the general and capillary circulations are
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the action of a stream of water, and gently mashed between the
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of all organized beings depend upon the forces not only of our sun
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Diagnosis. — From other forms of skin disease, by the shape and
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knowledge of their nature and causes, of their ordinary course and
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Prognosis. — Favourable. Short previous duration of the disease,
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3. Dry absorbent powders, as starch, meal, chalk, magnesia, and lith-
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B. — Sulphate of quinia gr. v every three hours, up to gr. xxx.
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Fi'om the surface thus created pus is secreted, which serves to protect
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the lining membrane of the air passage is irritated, the respiratory
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-with the vital force, necessarily disturbs its relations with the phy-
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hours contained urea, 209.620 grs.; uric acid, 12.60 grs. 1000
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of the brain were almost entirely filled with serum. The structure
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cheek to blush ; the emotion of fear blanches it. Warmth, generally
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cise must be mainly deteimined by the circumstances and tastes of the
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water requires for its evaporation an immense expenditure of mechanical force.
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The spleen of a house painter who had died in convulsions, three
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themselves. When they accompany the second sound, they are most
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781. Cold, according to the degree and manner of its application,
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direction is to perceive and appreciate the extent and bearing of
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innumerable ravines and channels of creeks and rivers with
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recently been stated by the chief director of the Imperial Hospital
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restive after the first operation further interference may be delayed until
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In cirrhosis of the liver, on the other hand, there is a remarkable
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darker than usual, and the surface was covered with mucus-cor-


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