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distinctly the palpitation, although in an adjoining room.
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aggeration to say that under their auspices more is now being done
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abdomen, with dark offensive stools ; delirium is present, or coma, or
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has always borne a prominent and leading part. Even in other
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sulphate of quinia. After the intermission of one week, the chill
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degrees above that of the intermission. The urea during convales-
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We say more than realized, because the omissions which we pointed out
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disappears, and the urine becomes pale, watery, not coagulable, and
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the water in again, and to keep it up till winter." Experience
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suitable for the cultivation of the grax>e, is not confined to the valleys and plains
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apparent. An examination made by Dr. Gould showed a slight
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made in every branch of medical science during the last half cen-
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menstruates regularly. This patient, under observation for four years,
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and for calculating the mean results are given on the form ; also
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fomentations. Calomel and opium in the dose of two or three grains
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over the eyebrows or on the top of the head ; pain under the left
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temp, of hand, 101.75 ; temp, under tongue, 102.75. In this case,
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cause it imparts many nerves to the chylopoietic organs, and sustains their energy
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is given off, and at others neither of them is present. The quantity
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their bearings upon the preceding inreetigations upon the formation of abriMV
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malignancy of the growth as well as its decidual origin. The writer con-
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(3.) White amorphous sediment — Triple phosphate, and phosphate
sympathetic nerve exists at all, and in which its functions are performed by the
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the operations of lithotrity and lithotomy. The medical treatment will
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tion of capacity ; though Dr. Hutchinson himself is of opinion that
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sent time, because the facts are wanting. And they will be kH!|
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marked, wine or brandy must be liberally administered, the former to
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