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to the rough surface of the mijsculi pectinati as to allow the whole

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irritants. Dysuria is also a symptom of hysteria, and is apt to

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works that have contributed so much to the improvement

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and additions were made. Many diseases, not described

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ing dryness of the epithelial surface of the cornea. In some cases the wear-

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lescence or recoveiy. Irregular and intermittent pulse is often

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this also was afebrile. Recently Josipovici 21 records a case of uraemia

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little in their mode of action on the stomach; but their remote action

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floating on the surface. If the gall-stone is round and smooth, there

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100. In certain diseases, again, waste goes on with extreme rapidity ;

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constitutions, though after very variable periods of exposure. 2. The

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most acknowledge that the establishment of an absolute standard,

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Art. II. — Professional services of physicians to each other,

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and evince a genuine love of virtue, accompanied by a sincere

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Sequel.^. — Inflamed pustules, abscesses, superficial ulcers, boils,

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without any return to the vigorous administration of the sulphate

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has been invented by Dr. Richard Quain, It consists of a string passing

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Symptoms. — A sensation as of a foreign body in the rectum, with

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be a question whether, though assumed to be a symptom of disease, it

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stimulants, in the form of the tinctura guaiaci ammoniata, and by

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to the hospital the temperature was 101.6° F., the respirations 34, and

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490. The apparatus required for microscopic examinations, in ad-

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Schultze, Winkel, Hart and Barbour, and Pozzi, all speak of this

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at the prsecordia ; redness of the eyes, flushed countenance ; a rapid

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dwelt upon the indications for surgical treatment, which, however, were not

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preferred, such as nitrate of potass, Dover's powder, &c. ; among

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atlases. It portrays the form of the lesions, but does not give the pecu-

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in which they were treated in the former chapter. They are the fol-


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