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The section surface of the growth was of an opaque yellow color,
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operating to produce a momentary diminution or suspension of the
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and removed to the Chester Hospital, where he remained in a semi-
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The abdomen looks natural ; is not swollen. On deep inspiration the
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tribution is a plea for the rational treatment of malignant disease, and while
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is called Hidrosis or Hidrotic fever. The therapeutic indications are
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792. There is another case in which we are obliged to employ ge-
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a sufloient supply of moisture combines with the influence of heat and light,
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Causes. — Predisposing. Infancy ; from birth to the age of three
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Sec. 12. In order that it may be more surely ascertained that no cler-
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and as many as five or six were present at times in a single cell. Eosinophile
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fants, has been suddenly changed l^ mental afli»cti<ni8 to an atrocious pe^on?
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American" Journal of the Medical Sciences, August, 1893), that the
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surrounding the exterior of the liver, forming a sheath for the
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Upon the property of bodies to expand when under the inflaence
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less marked nodulation, and the clear rather than bloody ascitic fluid. Such
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charge of gas ensues, and a yellowish liquid is formed, which has
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by Table II., 9012 grains. Hence ^^'"^^"''^ or 629-9 grains is
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Treatment. — Does not admit of removal ; but it may be palliated
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larged ; and the heart contained a fibrous clot. In this case the
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of cerebro-spinal meningitis; in his text-book he states that "they are
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course of mercury, carried to the extent of affecting the mouth, may,
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pendent on effusion into the sheath of the spinal marrow, may act
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the objects herein contemplated : Provided, They do not conflict with the
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1816, p. 330% torn. It., 1817, p. 128 ; torn, yi., 1817, p. 259 ; torn, xlli., 1820, p. 418.)


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