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especially for those who have spent their lives in tropical or semi-tropical
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really fit to do so, and are unable to afford the many accessories which can
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Treatment. — The stomach should be washed out with the tube, and
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een '<me fW fcpte iidictifai*, to the surface, and another perpendicular, to
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guidance of professors of eminent talents and moral worth. Dr. Roby,
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NaHCOs to 3 lbs. HCl. Bath treatment should only be undertaken by a medical man wh»
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may arise, however, from any cause which increases the arterial tension,
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It is an unexplained fact that some organs though frequently occupied
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tratioD of this subject. Unacquainted as we are with some of the fright-
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have occurred from time to time as a consequence of arm to arm vaccination,
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The temperature of the body is the degree of bodily heat registered by
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the Academy of Medicine, where he resides; M. Falret, author of
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crude state, as a remedial agent. It appears that in the days of Charles
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in four hours ; recovery has followed 270 grains. Lead chromate has also
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Although cancer may arise in any epithelial covered surface or secret-
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the 24th, there was a heahliy and well-formed vesicle, which, however,
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but when it comes on after an occasional and violent debauch, such
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which furnishes a galvanic power equivalent to that from a deflagrator
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the wortliy Dr. Abernethy, '' a great deal of collateral knowledge is
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the medical practitioner, for a blue fine may for months be seen on the gums
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was perfectly so). To effect this I had a silver trough made, which I
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causing the sore throat which is well known as a sign of secondary syphilis.
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This variety of tetany is met with chiefly in children younger than those
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would occur, and the consequent conversion of the fluid into vinegar.
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3d. Remedies which excite and invigorate the arterializiog o^^
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ter from the state of a mucous to that of a serous, or, rather, an albuminous
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promises to be useful, especially for temporary teeth. Guttapercha is a
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Mr. Thomas Hutcbins performed a number of experiments, under the


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