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ration, however, could he continued with difficulty. When the face was placed

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experiments was there a trace of arsenic discoverable. The moral proofs

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The danger of the free application of belladonna or stramonium in cases

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to substitute muriatic acid, and he remarks that in every case the inquiry

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of those whose history contains information on this point, this period

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like that in 1838, began in the autumn: and as it had been proved that epidemic

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ing the nerves supplying the muscle, but for this a precise knowledge

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however, he became much worse, with wandering delirium, great restless-

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it as Cannes remained almost unknown till they attracted the

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were chiefly of an age between seventeen and twenty-fbur. Of these five had

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" However it may be with the combination of these two means, we are not the

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its symptoms. The amaurosis probably depends upon the descent

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stance in England, M. Demarquay gives the results of his own

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ointment, and the other half with simple cerate. The result was the same as

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oil had operated two or three times, without producing any pain whatever. I now

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the common ascarides, or of lumbrici combined, were thought to


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