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for the disturbances in the muscular and nervous systems.
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oedema supervenes, usually beginning in the face, and gradually
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ferment contained in the blood. Experiments have shown that the
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first etherized, a laparotomy was done under strict antiseptic precau-
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purgation^ and neglect of stimulation and the sulphate of quinia.
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When the dorsal portion is affected, the body is sometimes agitated
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frequently and deeply ; his sleep is disturbed with frightful dreams.
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mical changes of the organs, tissues, and blood are sufficient i^
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posing themseh^es to cold air. If obliged to leave their rooms during
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to illustrate how the mucous membrane of the vocal cords may be in an
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would advise that this body, representing, as it does, the physicians of
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within them. In abdominal inclusion (foetus in fcetu) the parasitic
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purgatives, such as full doses of the compound jalap powder, may be
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(6.) Seaman, aged 88 ; height 6 feet 8 inches ; light hair, blue eyes,
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I propose to devote the half hour, usually allotted to this exercise,
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the excitement of the second force. The direction of a force may
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of the regions of space through which the solar system travels.
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mortem examinations — Causes of aberrated nervous phenomena in malarial fever —
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250. This succession of phenomena is strictly analogous to that pointed
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The patches almost covered the skin of the face, and about the extensor
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* Philosophical Magazine, yoL vii., 2d ser., p. 462.
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even of the watercourses and canals, as well as on the dry land.
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Hence, when administered internally, they may be presumed to have
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Dr. Brinton, is to cause a circulation of the food in two currents, the
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but in obstinate cases, the daily introduction of a bougie may be at-
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cavity without rupture of its capsule and trabecular. The capsule
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of New Orleans and neighboring country enjoyed uninterrupted


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