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not infectious they cannot contain the microbe of syphilis. The fact,
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inch in the direction of the long axis of the limb over the vein. The super-
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which places, heretofore insalubrious, have been rendered otherwise
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the most part along the psoas muscle. It was irregular, nodular in out-
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was due to the presence of bile. Reaction of serum alkaline.
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Jackson, of Philadelphia, found the livers in cases which had died
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flammation which is so peculiarly apt to follow on dissection wounds
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inserted and the flap of scalp sutured. The second night the patient was
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sition of fibrinous concretions in the circulatory apparatus during
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Dr. D. W. Yandell announced that the following railroad com-
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■ and, in rare cases, universal convulsions. In very severe cases there
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of malignant fever within the city proper. All of the cases here
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to promote the action of these substances by copious draughts of
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our State, when there was some excuse for the disasters, and effects
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disease ; but this seldom happens when the child's health is good at
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Prognosis. — This will depend, in great measure, on the direction
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Stout Irish woman ; subject to fits of partial insanity;
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more numerous on the right than on the left side. In the larynx and
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The increased secretion from these parts has the twofold effect of
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Sulphate of quinia gr. v; camphor gr. ij. — Mix. Every three hours.
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almost all the time which ought to be devoted to sleep. The London
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parison, and in as far as such sensations constitute madness, belief in
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discharged into the duodenum, and regurgitating into the stomach, or
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quency, according to the degree in v/hich the heart is oppressed :
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elastic tube, a, with a glass mouth-piece, and furnished with a
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theory of fever. Spasm of the small vessels is a state of short con-
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as the dilute mineral acids, acetate of lead with excess of acetic acid,
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later involved the legs and scrotum, and was soon followed by vomiting,
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have been discovered, the same may be said of microscopic examinations.
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the muscles of respiration partaking of the affection of the other
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paralysis of the bladder and rectum set in. In many cases the disease
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608. The following table, which presents at one view some of the
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or back of the ears, or by opening the temporal artery. In very young


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