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to familiarize himself with all possibilities of surgery of the lungs,

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For the sake of greater completeness, a very accurate symptom-

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elected to membership. The secretary, in his annual report,

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when, thirteen years of age of malignant diphtheria, it

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lesions of the larynx, the trachea, the laryngo- tracheal pas-

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sions of Children." The discussion was participated in by a

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cannot comply with), and the physician from frequent examina-

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3 Extractions of foreign bodies embedded in the cornea.

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Deslonchamps are excellent in common fractures, for the

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up ' with iron and quinine. Anaemia seems to threaten thera-

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ditions. The second case is of a man who may be a periodical

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a paper on " Alcoholic Trance," by Dr. . T. D. Crothers. In it

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In the grave form, touching with perchloride of iron ;

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doses of the lower triturations than in small doses of the pure

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from the ocean, and filled with life-giving vigor; while the views

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derangement of the action, and a similar alteration of the struc-

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We fear that more than a single plea, be it never so con-

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the elbow is a very tight ginglymus that stiff'ens quickly,

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1900; "Fractures and Dislocations" (eighth edition, 1917).

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" ' While good temperance people are decrying liquor,' said one of the leading

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highest health of the people of our great American cities.

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reading public from the time, five years ago, of the publication

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taken regularly, and at long intervals ; but it is my experience

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presents great diversities. Often the arthritis limits itself to a single joint or

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and later at Hudson Street. He was also consulting surgeon to

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"The Treatment of Deformities After Paralysis" (International Med. Mag.,

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frequency of osteomalacia suggests it. In the onset of the disease we may

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Arthur Sitgreaves, Paul Ford, Matthew Derbyshire (2), Alan Newall,

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and practitioner. For the shtdent, the pathogenetic material has

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bacilli, . . . producing -the disease which Koch calls the sep-

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he devoted himself to a course of study in pathology.

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papers on " Exercise and its Relation to Mental Health."

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work he has done, in assisting in the foundation of its largest hospital, in giving

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objects perceptible to our senses and to the senses of others,


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