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Turkish bath is usually prescribed, the hot-air bath as here described,

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your patients. Be rough, tear the lining membrane of the

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one journal, the Macmillan ("oni])any, " Official I\e])orters of the

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take. Nylander's test is von Noorden's favorite : Take four

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contiguous with, the brain-substance, or may be separated from the latter

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basis at the same time of good morals and honest business

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them ere they occur, so that they may be forewarned to aid the atten-

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lluit We ai'c all In cat the la>r licaii and pea nii niir phitcs.

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nitioii is easy where there is a grou]> of cases. In contrast to the

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same time inspire confidence, and in turn if ]iossible exact absolute

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hydrotherapist a clew to most of the functions of the skin.

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gradually withdrawn from the right femoral artery; pressure falls to

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may, therefore, be stated that hydrotherapy depends upon the me-

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rapidly develop rosy-colored maculations, and these become tensely dis-

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in the parlance of trade, are these young non-expanded mush-

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the circulation. The superficial vessels receiving direct impact dilate

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not yet admitted by all, there are four forms of the organism,

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Neale's letter. The analyses were made by Professor C. L.

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IV. Failure of the Eliminating Organs — Skin, Kidneys, and Lungs,

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Breitenstein * has published some observations which throw much

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ing the aggravation of the local and general conditions. In cases where

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of the diphtheria germ, and hence damp cellars also promote the spread

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yellowish. Some are edible, and some are poisonous. The

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trunk of the patient is the best protection. This precaution applies to

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Tamarinds come to us chiefly from the West Indies. The

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fering from it specifically. Hovey thinks we might go so far

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stimulated by the temperature of the irrigation, as it is in water drink-

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enced pathological anatomists; not only do one-half of all subjects

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plant, which merely generated the current, but had no storage-

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)'e])orted for the week ended November exceeded the nund)er

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sweet flavor. Being very perishable, it is only found in the

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out doubt the best and most luscious of all specimens yet in-

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douche, 78°, for ten seconds. Her weight has increased three pounds.


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