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ciation is worthy of special notice, as setting forth the negligent
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mainspring which sets the strange machinery in motion. The mind,
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fications of the air-tubes, are found mingled with the blood.
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habits this peculiarly indolent character must be borne in mind.
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The temperature of birds is high, their blood-corpuscles numer-
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hunger more completely than vegetable food, and is also more stimu-
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on the facts recorded by M. Favart during an epidemic of small-pox
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sometimes shut and sometimes open, the Kmbs flaccid, and the strength
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abdomen, with nausea and vomiting. It lasted all day and he had
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pain ; anodyne plasters, fomentations, and embrocations externally ;
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character and crescentic arrangement of the patches, by the marked
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To diminish the quantity of circulating fluid, and the force of the
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Bloodvessels upon the exterior of the stomach flUed with blood.
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though very easily distinguished from them. The false membrane
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and is liable to so many variations from causes entirely compatible
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674. In experiments made upon my own person, I found that the
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shocking distortion. These violent contractions occasion the most
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actions, unity and harmony result — an organism composed of in-
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which raised the water from the surface of the ocean, and trans-
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perties and relations of the malarial poison ; whilst we are unable
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small, round, yellowish necroses under capsule on the upper and lower
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caused by chronic diseases, or occurring during the convalescence from
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Amenorrhoea is sometimes accompanied by vicarious discharges of
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which increases the cond.icting power of the contents of the chest
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ligaments. This is perfectly easy of explanation when we consider that
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'' No one will certainly deny that there exists in animals a certain central infls-
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ance with all that has been observed in every part of the globe,
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the highest degree unfavourable, and the treatment similar to that for
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be the most rational treatment yet recommended. (G.)
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ferred in common inflammation, mercury and iodine in specific inflam-
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Thus, bloodletting, practised in a case of inflammatory fever, will
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252. The enlargement of the capillary vessels in inflammation, then,
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ing in consistence to the character of pus, and the result of plem-itis.
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all directions, upwards towards the jaw, laterally beyond the limits


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