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strength, nausea, cold sweat, and all those symptoms which charac-

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fieitty degeneration was frequently observed ; but this was an effect

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We should avoid excessive purgation in malarial fever, for the

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(2.) The urine may contain substances foreign to its normal com-

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have spasm of left arm, usually continue playing without paying atten-

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862. On the other hand, the mild bracing spots adapted to invalids

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are more highly developed, being flat and irregularly oblong, having

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almost co-extensive with the substances themselves, comprising the

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extremities is a common concomitant, and the arm of the side in which

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February of this year, sufficient time has not elapsed to allow a comparison

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examination of those parts, and the history of the case.

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steps— the subsidence of the red particles and consequent separation

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examinations, there was scarcely sufficient saliva to moisten the

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Dura mater normal; arachnoid membrane opalescent, pearl color^

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> Report on the Nervons Sjatem in Febrile Diseases, and the classiflcaiion of

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the power which they exercise over the capillaries : they are also

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Stout seaman, sick only four days. On the second day became

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always possible to use the latter until after the tenderness of these liga-

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by well-marked hectic fever, and the previous continued pain, whether

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quently touched with nitrate of silver. The general health must be

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hand over the pulse at the wrist. Bespiration 84, spasmodic.

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stomach, provided it be kept at the temperature of the organ and in

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injuring himself in the violence of the convulsions, and taking care

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well-formed adults, from eighteen to twenty times in a minute.

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does not speedily recover, the palsied limbs shrink and grow cold ; if

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diately, and repeat every three hours. R. — Blister to back of uadL

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less pain or disturbance in the function of the last-mentioned organ.


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