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of slight hacking cough, with scanty mucous expectoration in the
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The author has contributed a most interesting and valu able book to
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vapor, which was not applied at the times of the readings, from
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vessel perceived their signals of distress, and towed them into
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It appears in the form of circumscribed blisters the size of a pea, the rest of
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inflammation follow, and these, if not subdued, generally terminate in
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the window of the apartment. If the face is turgid and the eye
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5. Counter-irritants to the back of the neck, sternum, or legs, and,
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addition to this treatment, the above-described method is employed we will
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At the end of forty-eight hours from the first occurrence of rigors,
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and predict the time when the whole system would be destroyed
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local presence of the tubercle bacillus), then we can understand that
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time which should represent the height of digestion of the Ewald meal, and absence of all
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a special poison, or by the suspension of the functions of the organ
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an event are called causes of that event, and all constant consequences
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pages. A very clear and succinct account of the best modes of ascertaining
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a spot about two inches in diameter, of a dark slate (malarial) color.
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sure. In this case, we must wait till the contraction passes off, and
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the average in ten days. The author reports 34 cases with 38 herniae, with
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ture being thus weakened, lays the foundation of softening of the brain,
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from the body; of all medicines, in such stages, purgatives and
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other portions were simply changed to the color of the iodine,
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the perversion and partial suspension of secretion and nutrition,
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sometimes most distressing when the body is in a state of repose, as
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come tonics. In less degrees of debility, they produce less obvious
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Scalp wound of left parietal region, which healed readily. About four
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health. There are, however, some special points of distinction to be noted
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eyer known it in any community, but its mildness is equally re-
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