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tion. The paleness of the countenance must not prevent us from
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tlie inhalation of cold air, and is accompanied, in the first stage, with
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mammae of the female when secreting milk ; in the mucous membrane
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opinion that the nervous power is produced in the whole extent of
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Spasm of the Heart is described by Laennec, though considered an
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and inward feeling in perfect health. The appearance of the blood
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. Bach tablet contains Ext. Ponca, 3 grs., Kxt. fflltehella
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But there is another aspect, in which this subject may be viewed,
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districts of the same town, are brought within much narrower limits.
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plete arrest of the chemical and physical and nervous actions ; the
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the region of the womb, the lochia are diminished and speedily sup-
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flora of the urethra, the vagina, and the preputial smegma. In these
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to free acid may be obtained. 1 The total absence of pepsin is shown
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tion for epilepsy have not been, as a rule, very satisfactory.
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all times bear in mind the fact, that the development of all sciences
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After a short time, one of the men raised his hand repeatedly to his
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of safety, and strongly suggestive of cold affusion. By the marked
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On Puerperal Tetanus^ its Statistics, Pathology, and Treatment. —
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Orth 1 states that the microscopic gray nodules found in the liver of
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means of such sections we have gained most in knowledge regarding the
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most acute kind over the whole of the abdomen, shortness of breath,
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Under the above title, H^enel, of Dresden, publishes a contribution in the
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accidents which threaten the life of the patient are rectified, and then the
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strates that a special cause resided in a special locality, capable of
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to constant delirium, coma^ involuntary discharges, retention of the
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intellect, though sometimes clear to the last, generally wandering;
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larged lymphatic glands, swollen and bleeding gums. The blood showed
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within a necrosis in the human liver as to give the picture of a miliary
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with great pallor of countenance and anasarca. In some instances,


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