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the heart and of the nervous centres, and consequently by a more rapid

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nists under the name of Jussieua grandiflora, which grows three or

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Diagnosis. — The peculiar colour and offensive odour of the sputa.

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oil, and small doses of the hyd. c. cretsi. The diet must be that

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i^as determined in the usual manner. The inorganic fixed saline

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as decided fever in comatose or delirious cases in which no convulsion

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of the vena porta. As this vein derives its supply mainly from the

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stated. Removal of the tumor without delay is the only proper course to

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the tunica conjunctiva of the eye and the whole surface of the body of

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The first of these micro-organisms, sarcina, is usually described as a fre-

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patient lay in a profound stupor, the whole surface assumed a golden

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bacilli," whilst the few found present in internal gummata may really have been tubercle

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was ofUn entirely wanting. Tet each of these cases presented certain characters

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the place for a while tolerably healthy, and the air cool and refresh-

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Tbe necessity for the removal of these products is indicated by

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power over the phenomena of nature, which depends absolutely

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with the surrounding skin, and covered by a layer of cuticle.

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an exclamation about the pain in his head ; and he was unable to

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tubes ; hence the pulse is somewhat later in the arteries remote from

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some substances, as chloroform, will produce sudden death in some

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