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panting respiration; rapid, feeble, fluttering action of the heart;
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The diminution of the blood-corpuscles and albumen in malarial
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When the symptoms of excitement have passed away, and insensi-
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There is a fine chapter upon prophylactic and therapeutics. As to treat-
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ence of a relation between light and magnetism, and the relations
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istered diffusible stimulants, but they do not produce the slightest
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of the elevation of the ribs drawing the lung in front of it. By
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fomentations. Calomel and opium in the dose of two or three grains
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If no attention was paid to these symptoms, there was, within
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toms of arrest in the nutrition and life of the body. They are
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more numerous on the right than on the left side. In the larynx and
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no direct connection with the tumor of the right ovary, which was
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The urine chart recording the 24° amount of urine secreted for the
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arteries is accompanied by the "bruit de soufflet,'' Mania, coma,
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the Episcopal Hospital, is now under observation. With a total acidity of from 1 to 2, at a
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veries as important, and improvements as striking, as have marked
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examined are immersed in a 10 per cent, solution of formalin for two hours.
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labored. In addition to the intense pain in the back of his neck
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by the exertion of his own muscles, in the other he is borne from place
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of men to act upon matter and construct an edifice. If the vital


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